A Green Clean


Green cleaning is complex, encompassing much more than just using environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals. The goal of green carpet cleaning is to minimize the “cleaning” effect on facility occupants and employees, as well as the environment. In addition to chemicals, green cleaning requires a variety of tools, products and equipment. Working together, they all play key roles in a green carpet cleaning maintenance program.

Green Carpet Cleaning Components:

1) Use of high-performance entry “walk-off” mats. As much as 85% of the soil entering a facility can be capture and “stored” by these mat

2) Daily Use of a high quality vacuum cleaner that is HEPA-filtered.

3) Use of low-moisture cleaning procedures, instead of hot water extraction. Hot water extraction can over-wet carpets which can lead to longer drying times. A long drying time increases the likelihood that mold and mildew will develop, seriously jeopardizing indoor air quality and potentially harming occupant health. Hot water extraction can have drying times up to 48 hours, but with the use of low-moisture cleaning techniques, carpet can dry in as little as 30 minutes.

4) Use organic, biodegradable and neutral (7) pH cleaning chemicals.

At Red Oval, we use only chemicals that are safe for the carpet, effective cleaners, safe for the environment and economical.